GS1 System of Standards

GS1 designs and manages a global system of supply chain standards.

Guiding the supply chains across various industries of the country for over 40 years, GS1 Lanka’s steadfast loyalty in constant development and implementation of global standards for the use in supply chains, provides ‘the platform’ to simplify information identification, capturing and sharing across the industry for smother operations that uplift the regular citizen’s way of living.

With a simple process beginning from the identification of standards that define unique identification codes formally known as GS1 identification keys to the capturing of standards that serve as definitions of bar code and RFID (Radio- Frequency Identification), assisting identification keys to be attached to a physical object to the sharing of information between applications and trading partners, GS1 standards allows easy implementation to its customers.

Regardless of whether your company is a giant in the industry or a small enterprise working its way up from scratch just as any regular Small and Medium Enterprise (SME),

Regardless of the segment of the supply chain you represent in the form of either a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, transporter, customs organisation, software developers or even a local and international regulatory body of authority and especially
 Regardless of the industry you operate in, GS1 Lanka gives you a common language in the dynamics of the business world to pave the way for an efficacious today and tomorrow. With exclusive supply chain standards that expedite mutual interests to build upon a strong base of guidelines, your organization will undoubtedly be looking at a supply chain which is much faster, more efficient, less complex and less costly.

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GS1 System of Standards