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In order for products to be sold in supermarkets and departmental stores through the point-of-sales (POS) scanners, all products must carry GS1 (formerly known as EAN/UPC) bar code numbers. A GS1 bar code symbols need to be printed onto the product labels before these can be accepted by the retail outlets. The same applied to all products made or packed locally in Sri Lanka. A company could either apply by post or visit GS1 Lanka office directly in order to obtain barcode numbers

Following documents has to be submitted by the organization in order to complete the registration process.

  • Certified Business Registration Certificate of the Company
  • If a Registered Company – A Certified Copy of Director’s Details Form 1 or Form 20
  • Copy of a Utility bill as a proof of address.

If all these criteria’s are met and the respective amount is paid (Refer to the Category index), the Organization will be assigned Barcode numbers and be given the softcopy of the Barcodes as well

Please Email us if you need to obtain the Application Form

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